Biomass Aigen-Schlaegl

Biomass Aigen-Schlaegl is a local thermal power plant located in Aigen-Schlaegl/Upper Austria with a production capacity of about 6MW.

SEAMTEC oversees the company and helps with the improvement of the whole facility. E.g. the control system of the offcuts feeding system has been implemented recently by an automatic crane. The energy input for the production has been adapted to the process parameters and the closed-loop methods have been optimized.

Energetic potential with consideration of the ecology – Grosse Rodl and feeders

Study for the federal state of Upper Austria in cooperation with the technical office Wagner

As a consequence of discussions about the European Water Framework Directive and the resulting needs to adapt hydro-electric power plants a report has been compiled for the local government of Upper Austria.

It has been the objective to assist the operator and the coordinating panels of hydro-electric power plants with the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive and provide support for the energetic optimization